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The book highlights seven guiding principles needed to live a life of balance and spiritual significance – from letting go of the past to buying back your freedom. It looks closely into the lives of more than a half dozen entrepreneurs who each reveal that genuine wealth is achieved when you journey along your personal pathway to purpose.

Featured are the stories of successful travel industry entrepreneurs Donald Bradley, Melissa Boston and Jil Greene of Atlanta; the California-based Andy Lakey; Gail Moaney of New Jersey; Scott Tomer, president and CEO of the Illinois-based YTB International; and the author herself who reveals a phenomenal story of God’s healing power over her life.

“All of those profiled offer practical and inspirational dialogue demonstrating that in life we must pursue two courses: possibility and prosperity,” said the Emmy Award-winning Hall, who underscores that “true wealth means embracing the plan that God has for you, grabbing hold of His promises and His power. It also means understanding that neither money nor education, pleasure nor accomplishments will satisfy us, for we are designed to contain God in our spirits, and it is He who determines our ability to live in true prosperity giving us the power to get wealth.”

Author: Andrea Hall
Soft Cover
The Walk to Wealth – 7 Guiding Principles to Prosperity

Whether you work with your hands or your head, God wants your heart to be at work for Him. However, with all the confrontation, conflict, and frustration in the workplace, too often we leave God out of the equation. Amid the all-out pursuit of our hopes and dreams, we find ourselves wondering, How can my faith sustain me through challenges of work? How can I daily honor God on the job?

The Walk at Work is a guidebook that combines daily inspirational readings with a seven-step plan for personal spiritual growth to answer those questions about faith at work. Whether you face difficult relationships, job anxiety, or office politics, Andria Hall will show you how to experience success by aligning your priorities with God?s. Through the down-to-earth, practical wisdom in these pages you will:

  • receive daily wisdom from God
  • discover the benefits of praying for others
  • learn how to carry out your God-given tasks in the workplace with integrity
  • unearth a new commitment to honor God in all that you do, say, and think
  • settle your mind and nurture your spirit through timely daily readings

Excellent as a daily devotional or group study, The Walk at Work also includes a topical index of common work-related challenges, questions for further reflection, and recommendations for additional reading.

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“If your faith is the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”–Matthew 17:20

A clarion call for those who want to have God in their lives every day and not just on Sundays, This Far by Faith offers clear-sighted, friendly advice that will guide readers gently into the new millennium.

As the owners of a flourishing company called This Far by Faith Enterprises, Linnie Frank and Andria Hall have started nationwide “Circle of Seven” prayer groups, produce a newsletter called “The Mustard Seed,” and conduct lectures and seminars at their Rhode Island retreat center. Now, in This Far by Faith, Frank and Hall share the “Faith Formula” they have developed in their work together, which they use in their own lives to conquer daily obstacles.

Through Scripture, original prayers and affirmations, and plain old-fashioned “straight talk,” the authors tackle issues ranging from friendship, family, love, marriage, child-rearing, and work, all while underscoring the importance of faith and perseverance as a way of maintaining balance in today’s busy world. In chapters such as “What You Won’t Do for Love,” “Keeping the Home Fires Burning,” “A House Is Not a Home,” “Jobs, Career, and Callings,” and “Give Me That Old Time Religion,” Frank and Hall discuss ways to “live in the light.”

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